April 16, 2014

One of the important things to do after getting into a truck accident will be to call your auto insurance carrier and report the accident. While this may seem like a relatively minor thing to do, however, it’s far more important than you may think; this is because what you say and how you deal with insurers can affect:

  • How efficiently your claim is handled
  • Whether insurers try to deny your truck accident claim
  • How much compensation you ultimately are able to receive.

In this three-part blog, we will highlight some tips that can help you protect your rights when you deal with insurance companies (and their representatives) after truck accidents. For more information or a professional case evaluation, call the Denver truck accident attorneys at McLaughlin Law Firm.

Keeping these tips in mind when dealing with insurers after truck accidents can help you protect your rights to compensation. Contact us for more info.

Keeping these tips in mind when dealing with insurers after truck accidents can help you protect your rights to compensation. Contact us for more info.

Tip 1 – Call your insurer as soon as possible after the accident.

Many auto insurance policies have specific stipulations about how soon after truck accidents policyholders have to call them to report the collision. As soon as you are able to, make sure to call your insurer to report the recent truck accident. Some of the things your insurance carrier will want to know will include:

  • When the accident happened (the date and time)
  • Who else was involved in the accident
  • Where the accident occurred (e.g., the specific location of the collision).

Your insurance company may also be interested in knowing whether you went to the emergency room for any injuries you may have sustained in the accident and/or whether you are currently undergoing any medical treatments for such injuries.

Tip 2 – Give your insurer all of the info for the other motorists in and witnesses to the accident.

If your insurance agent doesn’t directly ask you for this information, be sure to offer it up if you have it. Specifically, this information (which you may have collected after the accident or which you may have in the police report for the accident) should include the names and contact information of the other motorists in the accident, as well as their insurance carriers and policy numbers.

Providing this information upfront can facilitate the processing of your claim.

Don’t miss the second and third installments of this blog for some more tips regarding what you should do when dealing with insurers after truck accidents in order to protect your rights.

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