April 23, 2014

In continuation of our three-part blog 6 Tips for Dealing with Insurers after Truck Accidents, here we offer some further advice regarding what you should do when talking to insurance company agents after truck accidents. You can get help dealing with insurers and obtaining the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled by calling McLaughlin Law Firm today.

Protect your rights to compensation by keeping these tips in mind when dealing with insurers after truck accidents. For more help, contact us today.

Protect your rights to compensation by keeping these tips in mind when dealing with insurers after truck accidents. For more help, contact us today.

Tip 3 – Never admit that you may have caused the accident.

This is vital! Never under any circumstances take any blame for causing the accident or even potentially having caused the accident. Insurers take admissions of blame for truck accidents very seriously and will likely use such admissions to deny your claim for compensation or to severely reduce your award.

While it may be possible to reverse the damage caused by admissions of fault in accidents (by providing the insurer with evidence that you were not, in fact, to blame for causing an accident), it can needlessly delay the investigation of your case.

To avoid making this mistake, remember that, when it comes to talking to insurers about fault in truck accidents, do your best to only discuss the facts of the collision. If you are directly asked to assign fault in the accident, do NOT attempt to answer these questions; instead, say, “no comment,” or “I’m not in a position to answer that,” and refer the agent to your attorney.

Tip 4 – Don’t accept an insurer’s denial of your claim without a fight.

Just because an insurer may have denied your truck accident claim does NOT mean that this is the final word in your case. If you think that you deserve compensation because another driver (including potentially even the truck driver) caused the accident, don’t accept an insurer’s denial of your claim. Instead, it will be necessary to work with an attorney to stand up to the insurer and fight for the compensation you deserve.

When such denials of truck accident claims are acts of insurance bad faith, it may be possible for victims to obtain punitive damages from insurers (i.e., to get far more compensation for their claims).

Stay posted for the final part of this blog.

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