The Denver trucking accident lawyers at McLaughlin Law Firm can help accident victims get the compensation and justice they deserve.

The Denver trucking accident lawyers at McLaughlin Law Firm can help accident victims get the compensation and justice they deserve.

More than 500,000 truck accidents take place each year on U.S. roadways, and approximately 1 in every 8 traffic accident deaths is caused by a fatal truck accident (according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). When truck accidents occur, the results are more likely to be devastating for the occupants of passenger vehicles due to both the significant weight of trucks, as well as the fact that these vehicles:

  • Can trap passenger vehicles beneath them.
  • Typically hit passenger vehicles at the windshield/head level (which usually corresponds to the fender level of the truck).

While the damages caused by truck accidents can result in debilitating, irreversible and possibly even life-threatening injuries, what can be just as crippling as these physical injuries can be the:

  • The psychological impacts on accident victims, as many people can develop post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and other serious mental health complications after enduring trucking accidents.
  • The financial impacts of these accidents, as the costs of medical bills and car repair bills – especially when injured people can’t return to work due to their truck accident injuries – can quickly mount and be the source of even more stress for accident victims.

At McLaughlin Law Firm, our Denver trucking accident lawyers are here for accident victims in their time of need, and we will work tirelessly to help them obtain the maximum possible compensation so they can focus on their recovery and future.

Trucking Accidents: Who May Be to Blame…

Any number of parties may be responsible for causing trucking accidents, with some of the most commonly negligent parties including:

  • Truck drivers – Specifically, truck driver negligence can result in trucking accidents when drivers are intoxicated, driving while fatigued and/or driving while distracted. Additionally, when truck drivers choose to violate traffic laws and/or trucking regulations, their negligence can cause trucking accidents, and they will likely be responsible for compensating accident victims for their injuries and losses.
  • Other motorists – Driver intoxication, driver fatigue and aggressive or reckless driving may also be attributed to other motorists on the road (such as the drivers of other passenger vehicles). When this is the case, these other drivers will generally be responsible for compensating truck accident victims.
  • Trucking companies – When trucking companies don’t train their drivers, don’t maintain their trucks or otherwise violate federal trucking regulations, this negligence can cause truck accidents. In these cases, the negligent trucking company will likely be liable for compensating truck accident victims.
  • Vehicle equipment manufacturers – When brakes, vehicle software or other essential equipment or systems on vehicles are defective and cause trucking accidents, the manufacturer of the defective equipment can be legally obligated to compensate truck accident victims.

A number of other forms of negligence can contribute to trucking accidents, and experienced attorneys will be skilled at determining when such negligence has caused a specific accident (and, as a result, who may be to blame for causing a trucking accident).

Denver Truck Accident Attorneys at the Attorneys

At McLaughlin Law Firm, our Denver truck accident lawyers are here to aggressively stand up for accident victims’ rights to compensation and help them hold negligent and reckless parties responsible for injuring them. Our attorneys have more than 35 years of combined legal experience proving negligence in trucking accident cases and helping injured people get the compensation and justice they need and deserve.

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