Before truck drivers get behind the wheels of big rigs or any commercial vehicle, they and the trucking companies that employ them are responsible for ensuring that the drivers have the proper training and experience to safely operate the truck.

When lack of truck driver experience contributes to accidents, our Denver truck accident attorneys will be ready to fight for victims’ rights to compensation.

When lack of truck driver experience contributes to accidents, our Denver truck accident attorneys will be ready to fight for victims’ rights to compensation.

When drivers and/or trucking companies shirk this responsibility and inexperienced drivers get behind the wheel of commercial trucks:

  • There is a significant risk that truck accidents will occur.
  • People injured in these accidents will likely have a claim against the inexperienced driver and/or the negligent trucking company that employs the inexperienced trucker.
  • The Denver trucking accident attorneys at McLaughlin Law Firm will be ready to fight for victims’ rights to compensation and justice.

How Truck Driver Inexperience Can Contribute to Truck Accidents

Some of the specific reasons that truck driver inexperience can lead to serious truck accidents include that, when drivers don’t have the necessary training and experience, it’s far more likely that they will not know how to:

  • Safely operate trucks in poor weather conditions
  • Properly inspect trucks between driving shifts and/or identify when specific truck maintenance needs to be conducted in order to keep the vehicle in safe working condition
  • Drive defensively.

Additionally, without the proper experience and training, it’s also likely that drivers won’t:

  • Know the federal and state trucking regulations they are required to abide by
  • Be skilled at properly balancing and/or securing loads to trucks
  • Be skilled at maneuvering trucks in traffic, around construction zones and/or in other potentially challenging roadway conditions.

Denver Truck Accident Attorneys at McLaughlin Law Firm

Have you been hurt in or lost a loved one to a truck accident? If so, don’t hestiate to contact the Denver truck accident lawyers at McLaughlin Law Firm With more than 35 years of combined legal experience, our skilled attorneys are effective at aggressively standing up for victims’ rights, and we have a proven track record of success when it comes to helping victims obtain the highest possible compensation for their injuries and losses.

When truck accident survivors – including families who may have lost a loved one in a fatal truck accident – choose to work with us, they can rest assured that we will always:

  • Help them build the strongest possible cases
  • Be ready to stand up to insurers, corporate attorneys and others in any legal setting
  • Provide them with the highest quality of legal services from the initial consult through the final disposition of their cases
  • Work tirelessly to help them obtain the best possible resolution to their case in the most efficient manner possible.

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