Rollover truck accidents are among the most deadly types of collisions for both truckers and others on the roadways. Some of the reasons for this are that rollovers can quickly crush vehicle cabins, trap drivers and lead to fatal injuries.

When negligence causes rollovers, the Denver truck accident lawyers at McLaughlin Law Firm will be here to advocate victims’ rights to compensation.

When negligence causes rollovers, the Denver truck accident lawyers at McLaughlin Law Firm will be here to advocate victims’ rights to compensation.

Although roadway and weather conditions can contribute to rollovers, in most cases, these accidents are caused by some type of human error. In fact, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports, rollover truck accidents are most likely to occur when:

  • Truck drivers have to sharply turn a large truck at the last minute to try to avoid a collision.
  • Truck drivers lack the proper experience to drive defensively and recognize/avoid factors that can contribute to rollovers.
  • Trucks are overloaded, and/or the cargo that trucks are hauling is not properly balanced (i.e., the center of balance of the loads is too high).

When any type of negligence is a factor in causing rollovers, accident victims can rely on the skilled Denver truck accident attorneys at McLaughlin Law Firm to fight for their rights and help them obtain compensation for their injuries and losses.

Negligence and Rollovers

Specific forms of negligence that often contribute to rollover truck accidents include (but are not limited to):

  • Truckers’ inattention to the road and the task of driving – This may be caused by truck drivers’ intoxication, fatigue and/or distraction, any of which can lead to drivers’ failure to recognize changing road conditions and, consequently, the need to sharply swerve at the last minute.
  • Truckers’ inexperience – This can lead to drivers not being able to identify potential roadway dangers and/or not knowing how to maneuver trucks safely in order to avoid collisions.
  • Truckers’ and/or trucking companies’ failure to maintain trucks – This can cause serious equipment malfunctions like, for example, tire blowouts, brake failures, steering system malfunctions and other defects that may lead to rollover accidents (or, worse yet, jackknifes that then cause rollovers).
  • Failure to properly secure truck cargo – As previously mentioned, when trucks are overloaded, the center of gravity of a truck’s load is too high and/or the load is not properly secured to a truck, the risk of rollovers increases significant. These issues can be caused by either the truck driver responsible for loading the truck or the trucking company responsible for training drivers (or other employees) how to safely load trucks.
  • Other negligence – Additional factors like poorly set up construction sites, malfunctioning intersection signals and the lack of traffic signage can also contribute to rollover accidents. In these cases, any number of different parties may be considered to be negligent and, consequently, may be responsible for compensating truck accident victims.

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