August 27, 2018

The casual observer probably would never believe the claim that Denver is the second most food-truck-friendly city in the nation. There’s so many other sunny states that would surely out-number our states for food truck havens – states such as Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California come to mind. But, that’s exactly what the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has reported, Colorado is No. 2, whil Portland came in as the No. 1 food-truck-friendly city in the nation.

The reasoning behind giving Denver the No. 2 slot, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation said, was: “Starting a food truck business [in Denver] is easy and straightforward. Operating a food truck and maintaining compliance are equally straightforward.”

Well, perhaps not all Denver food truck vendors would agree with the assessment that starting a food-truck business would be easy work.

Risks Associated with Food Trucks on Our Roadways

Drivers Must Share the Roads with Food Trucks | Denver Truck Accident Attorneys

Drivers Must Share the Roads with Food Trucks | Denver Truck Accident Attorneys

The following is a compilation of risks related to owning and operating a food truck, which could in some instances make them a more dangerous obstacle to contend with on our roadways.

  • Fire Hazards – Food trucks are required to get licenses, permits, and follow fire and safety regulations. Most food trucks will have a fueled-heat source onboard the truck to cook food. Most likely it’s propane. Cooking oil can also become a hazard once it becomes hot enough. In fact, food trucks are required to have fire suppression systems onboard.
  • Insurance and Permitting – As we mentioned before, permitting and insurance can be one of the bigger hurdles for these entrepreneurs to overcome. For instance, one news report has all the fees and safety equipment adding up to nearly $23,000.1 Now, imagine, if you will, the desperate person who wants to make money to pay off these sorts of fees. Some might even go so far as to skip getting insurance altogether in the beginning to get a start. Can you imagine the liability costs of being a negligible food truck vendor, who causes and is responsible for a collision? Actually, one report says food truck vendors sometimes have a hard time finding insurance providers that will provide them with comprehensive coverage. Remember, food trucks are small restaurants on wheels, so the amount of weight they are probably packing far exceeds the amount of weight of a small passenger car. So, food trucks are far more likely to cause more severe injuries than say SUVs or passenger pickup trucks, when they hit smaller vehicles.
  • Federal Hours of Service Laws – Food trucks are not required to follow the same federal hours of service as other brink-and-mortar business have to follow. This may allow them to work longer days than most people put in, which could pose a risk to others on the road. If food-truck drivers work exceedingly long hours, they can become fatigued which can look a lot like impaired drivers that are drinking and driving.
  • Limited Time to Seek Compensation for Injuries – If you do end up with severe injuries, due to a food-truck-related accident, you’ll have a limited amount of time to file a claim. In Colorado, the statute of limitations runs out after three years. So, if a person wants to file a claim for damages for personal injuries or property damage, the clock starts on the day of the accident and ends immediately after the three-year mark.

Hopefully, this blog gave you some insight about food trucks and the risks associated with them being on our roadways.

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1“Denver is one of the best places in the country to open a food truck” published in Denver Post, March 2018.

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