October 10, 2017

Every year Colorado’s population grows and grows with outdoor enthusiasts, and those yearning to live in a state with scenic mountains and majestic natural settings. But, with this growing population-base come many low-landers, who have never lived or drove in a winter wonderland. So, it’s no surprise then, when tens of thousands making daily commutes along Colorado’s highways and interstates to get to different areas of the Denver Metro areas and Front Range witness or experience an accident on almost a daily basis, whenever there is a snow event.

Colorado’s Department of Transportation (CDOT) has put together a new listing of warning and precautions that drivers should yield to when driving Colorado’s snowy highways, especially because large commercial trucks are also on the roadways as well. And, no motorist is going to win in a collision with a commercial truck.

CDOT Reminders and Recommendations for Wintertime Driving

Winter Driving Safety Tips: Sharing the Road with Truckers | Denver Truck Accident Attorney

Winter Driving Safety Tips: Sharing the Road with Truckers | Denver Truck Accident Attorney

The following CDOT reminders and recommendations for traveling Colorado’s highways were issued in a press release:¹

  • Driving near the intersection of Interstate 25 and Arapahoe is especially dangerous this time of year as there is on-going road construction and slow moving trucks working in the area as well. Drive slowly and avoid distractions in this area.
  • Be sure your windshield reservoir is always full, so you can clean your windows periodically.
  • Always travel with a good pair of sunglasses to prevent glare than can cause distractions to your driving.
  • Be aware of the edge of the highway, and cars in lanes next to you to help guide you.
  • Drive in the same tracks as the vehicle in front of you.
  • Anticipate slowing traffic, and adjust speed to avoid any unforeseen motor vehicle reactions.
  • Inspect your tires to ensure they are drivable in winter conditions.
  • Don’t slam on the brakes, but let off the accelerator, if blinded by the sun.
  • Always buckle up and arrive there alive. Be sure other passengers buckle up, too.
  • Always ensure there is extra distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to account for additional reaction time. This is especially true of trucks, because they can kick up loose gravel dumped on the road for traction and crack your windshield.

Colorado Motorists are also encouraged to follow Colorado’s “Move-It Law,” which is a mutual effort between CDOT and state law enforcement agencies that require drivers involved in minor car accidents to move the vehicles off the road to a safe area.

“Many people are apprehensive about moving their vehicle after an accident, worried they’re jeopardizing their insurance coverage,” said Carole Walker, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association. “However, when it comes to safety, the industry fully supports taking actions that reduce potential hazards to drivers, first and foremost.”

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¹“Winter Weather, I-25 Work Zones Call for Driver Awareness” published in CDOT 2016 News Releases.

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